Have a bite or something to drink

During or after your visit to our beautiful castle, you can also take some time to relax and have a bite or something to drink. You are very welcome in our cozy basement kitchen Domestique Plaats or at our courtyard. But please note: due to the corona measures, there is now a maximum of visitors inside and a limited number of tables in the courtyard. That way we can guarantee a 1.5 meter distance. Where necessary, we work with partitions.

Menus are offered at the table. After selection, the card is immediately disinfected. Payment is only possible with PIN.

Restaurant De Blauwe Dame

Right after the first bridge, you’ll find restaurant De Blauwe Dame on your right. You can have lunch here, or dinner with family or friends. The food is meticulously prepared. Look at the website De Blauwe Dame for any alterations due to corona.

Owners José Giesen and Richard Timmermans will do everything to ensure that you have an unforgettable special experience in a unique environment.