The count’s lost castle diary

Help little fox Hoen with the lost castle diary of Count Lothar Frans. The Count is quite sad, because he has lost his diary. This book contained all his important memories and castle secrets. Also, this diary had been in the hands of the Hoen family for centuries.

Help little fox Hoen

Little fox Hoen wants to help. His family has lived near the castle for centuries and has seen everything that happened here. But of course foxes can’t write or draw, which is why we need your help. Help little fox Hoen to once again write down the many castle secrets. You’ll receive a dice to help you!

Psst: it’s a secret assignment! If you see other people in the castle, stay away from them and make sure they don’t see you…

Online tickets

The tour lasts approximately one and a half hours. You can order your admission ticket(s) online.