One of the most beautiful and best preserved castles in Europe

A visit to Hoensbroek Castle is an exciting experience for young and old. In this huge castle with more than forty rooms, adventures from a distant past come to life. Discover the beautiful ballroom. Climb the Medieval tower. Find the secret room and shiver in the ancient dungeon. Follow the route in the castle brochure or follow an exciting castle treasure hunt.

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Plenty of ways to discover Hoensbroek Castle!

Help little fox Hoen with the lost castle diary of Count Lothar Frans. The count has lost his diary and is sad. This book contained all his important memories and castle secrets. Also, the diary had been in the hands of the Hoen family for centuries. Little fox Hoen would like to help. His family has lived near the castle for centuries and has seen everything that happened here. But of course foxes can’t write or draw, which is why we need your help. Do the KaSpeeltocht and help little fox Hoen to once again write down the many castle secrets.

The Discover the Castle tour: discover the 10 most special places
Are you a real Sherlock Holmes and do you like to investigate? Then go on a discovery tour of Hoensbroek Castle with the Discover the Castle Tour. Discover the ten most special places, using a map: from the secret room to the little privy. The real detective also collects the 10 different stamps during the investigation. Fun for young and old.

Fixed route
Walk a fixed route described in the tour booklet, available at the box office and free of charge. It also contains all kinds of fun facts about the castle. You can also find more information about the castle rooms on the signs in each specific room.

Explore the castle!

The oldest part of the castle dates back to 1250. Stroll through the more than forty beautifully decorated castle rooms of this grand museum castle.

Beautiful ballroom
Admire the glorious eighteenth century halls with beautiful ceiling paintings, chandeliers and gold-plated images of Countess van Hoensbroek.

Creepy Dungeon and Secret Room
Enter the medieval watch- and defense tower. In the dungeon, the lights go out slowly, while the door locks behind you. And make sure you try to find the secret room. When you get there, the light slowly dims …

Come rain or shine
The weather never stands in the way of a castle visit. Inconsistant weather? Come in and snoop around. As soon as it clears up again, the children can play outside in the square and you can admire the castle from the outside. Or go for a walk in the castle’s beautiful surroundings.